KidsAwesome Museum
Exercise Body & Mind
with Your Children.

Welcome to KidsAwesome Children’s Museum of Taipei

The Only Exclusive Children’s Museum in Taiwan

Let curiosity lead your children to learn while playing and to play while learning.

Thirteen Themed Display Areas + Three Major Spaces including The Sky, The Forest and The Underground Cave.

Come discover the explorer and learner in your child's mind.

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We believe every child is an innate explorer and learner.
Autonomous playing and learning can especially inspire them to bring out their best potential.
In America, they realize this idea in hands-on children’s museums, so that kids can explore and create in multi-disciplinary exhibitions.
Now we are bringing this concept back to Taiwan so as to share this kind of inspirational experience with more children and parents.


In KidsAwesome Children’s Museum, we offer :

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    Realm of learning about fun, while having fun through learning

    In our museum, every exhibition is designed with education in mind. We aim to replace guided operation with multiple and inspiring ways of playing in order to trigger children’s endless curiosity and passion for learning.

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    Opportunities for children to brave their explorations

    We love to see children utilizing their bodies and minds in the exhibition, to challenge themselves and to try out new things. Furthermore, we hope by accumulating experiences with the company and encouragement of parents, children will learn to protect themselves while pushing their limits.

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    Enjoying time of intimate interaction with families

    To establish intimate relationship with children is to be with them. Therefore, we encourage parents to come and play with their children, so that parents can understand their kids’ needs and thoughts, to enhance interaction and allow it to keep fermenting in their family life.


We will keep introducing innovative courses and activities in our museum.
We hope that KidsAwesome Children’s Museum will become one of the best options with regard to space and forums for parent-children interaction in Taiwan.

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